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A Self-Paced 12-Module Course 

The course is designed to help you explore your full potential and give the gifts you were born to give. 

Soul Themes Is Designed To Support You For An Entire Year!

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Perhaps you're feeling called to a life filled with joy, connection, and fulfillment. 

You want to use your courage to create a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, and free of fear.
You need guidance navigating the changes in your life.
Whatever your desire, Soul Themes offers an opportunity for spiritual exploration and transformation.

Soul Themes give you the tools to take your life to deeper awareness, meaning, and purpose.

Learn how to cultivate your inner wisdom and use it to create a new reality for yourself. Together we will examine the stories you tell yourself, and challenge your limiting beliefs.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life, create lasting transformation, and become the conscious creator of your future?
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You are called to a life that genuinely fulfills you.

You are searching for your life’s purpose.

You want to release limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts.

You desire to align your personality with your soul.

You want joy, meaning, purpose, and connection in all aspects of your life.


Authentic Power eliminates the need for "if onlys"... 

Could you use support and guidance on your journey?

If you've ever thought...

"If only I could feel more joy, connection, and fulfillment."

"If only I could create a life that is meaningful."

"If only I could be more connected to my intuition and inner guidance."

"If only I could be less judgmental and more loving."




Let's Begin!

Many years ago, Gary Zukav and Linda Francis knew they wanted to create something to support people on their transformational journey through the Earth school.  They knew it had to be powerful and effective yet gentle and caring.  


Soul Themes is a 12-module course designed to help you explore your full potential and give the gifts you were born to give. 

Your soul has been waiting for you to take this journey.


Learning with Gary and Linda with supportive audio and video teachings about what it means to create Authentic Power and spiritual partnerships .


Open to your intuition as you reflect on how to create more love and meaning in your life.


Apply what you're learning in your daily life as you experiment with simple and powerful explorations.


Each module consists of teachings, reflections, and explorations that will support you in looking more deeply at yourself and your life –– learning how to create authentic power with each module.  Soul Themes are based on concepts that Gary Zukav and Linda Francis teach in their books and retreats.  Soul Themes include the intentions of the soul, the characteristics of an authentically empowered person, and other teachings on creating authentic power and spiritual partnerships.  



A new module is released every month for 12 months. You’ll have access to Soul Themes to learn at your own pace for the lifetime of the course.




The Soul Themes course is designed to deepen your practice of authentic power and spiritual partnerships. 

It will support you if you are new to creating authentic power or if you have been creating it for many years.   The content you’ll receive each month will help you reflect, learn, and apply these concepts daily throughout your life.  Each module is self-paced and invites you to open up to the richness of your life. Revisit the modules you are most drawn to as often as you like.

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"The Soul Themes are, for me, a great tool to access the wisdom Gary and Linda have taught and shared during the years about how to create authentic power.

Each theme has so much depth to explore. The videos, the teachings and the exercises are so supportive. It amazed me how I always read or watch exactly what I need to learn or know in the moment."

Soula N.

"The Soul Themes are very valuable for me in helping to understand and explore the journey to my emotional awareness and healing.

The video teachings by Gary and Linda together with the exploration exercises are a great tool in learning about creating your authentic power. 
They support me in practicing to develop a more consistent loving and accepting relationship with myself."

Luz G.

"The soul themes have been very impactful to my development of creating authentic power.  I have the tools, video and audio lessons and experiments where I can go to to realign with how I want to show up in this world. 

My intention is to become aware of how I am interacting with myself and others. The Soul Themes support me in recognizing my intention and when I am unconscious of my thoughts and actions. 
The soul themes help me shift back into creating authentic power and realigning myself to be in a place of love, gratitude and reverence. "


Gary Zukav, for years, has conveyed the most complex insights in language all can understand.

Over and over, he challenges us to see the depth of our potential in the world.. and act on that awareness.  His gentle presence, humor, and wisdom have inspired millions to realize their soul's greatest potential.


Linda has been creating authentic power since she first read The Seat of the Soul in 1989.

In 1993 she met Gary Zukav.  They created a spiritual partnership and began sharing their discoveries about authentic power and spiritual partnership with others worldwide through their workshops, events, and books.


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We invite you to take this journey of personal exploration and transformation, and we look forward to helping you on your way.


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