The Seat Of The Soul Institute Invites You To Explore…

A Self-Paced 33 Module Course

“The longest journey that you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.”

Learn to Develop Emotional Awareness And Use Your Emotions to Grow Spiritually

Your emotions are messages from your soul.

You cannot choose what you feel. But did you know you can always choose how you respond once you’re aware of your emotions?

Your choices create your experiences. Moment by moment.

That's why emotional awareness is essential to your evolution and your spiritual development. Emotional awareness enables you to take responsibility for the experiences you are creating in your life.

Are you choosing to disconnect from people, bury yourself in work, or search for someone to ‘complete’ you?


Are you choosing to...

💜 Connect with people?
💜 Wake up in your life?
💜 Attract people who are doing the same?

Until you have the ability to experience your emotions fully—you can not use them to grow spiritually.

Every painful emotion originates in fear.

Each painful emotion is an experience of a frightened part of your personality.

The frightened parts of your personality are not obstacles to your spiritual growth—they are avenues to your spiritual growth!

Yet how do you challenge a painful emotion when that feels impossible?

In order to learn from your emotions, you must become aware of your emotions.

You cannot mask them.

You cannot avoid them.

Developing emotional awareness enables you to choose to respond with love instead of react out of fear.

If you want to experience greater joy, meaning and connection in your life…

"Your emotions are messages, guiding you to understand deeper aspects of yourself."

Emotional Awareness: Messages From Your Soul is a 33 module online course that is self-paced. The course guides you step-by-step to integrate emotional awareness into your daily life with practical tools, immersive exercises, and helpful illustrations. You can easily access this course on your computer or mobile device.

This rich learning experience draws from principles in the book The Heart of the Soul, by Gary Zukav and his spiritual partner Linda Francis—which has changed millions of lives.




➝  Teachings – Learning together with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis throughout the course with supportive audio and video teachings about developing emotional awareness and how to apply those teachings in your daily life.

➝  Reflections – Open yourself to learning about who you are and why you react from fear or respond from love so you can create a life of connection, meaning, joy and love instead of anger, anxiety, frustration, and fear.

➝  Exercises – Experiment with your life by using the lessons to practice what you are learning and see how it changes your experiences. A central theme of this course is observing your physical sensations so you can move beyond the control of your painful emotions.



When you learn to recognize your emotions and how to challenge them or cultivate them, you can…


➣ Create authentic power and give the unique gifts YOU were born to give

➣  Respond consciously (with love) instead of re-act unconsciously (with fear) to create the life you desire 

➣ Recognize each emotion as a message from your soul

➣  Respond from the loving parts of your personality that bring you joy— and become a more compassionate friend, child, parent, or colleague 

➣ Create authentic power–– align your personality with your soul—to create with love and trust instead of fear and doubt

Painful emotions, such as anger, overwhelm, jealousy, depression, irritation, frustration, inferiority, superiority, resentment, impatience, competitiveness


➣ Compulsions, such as workaholism, perfectionism, texting, procrastination, television, can’t stop talking, need to be invisible

Obsessions, such as worrying, judging, fixing others, appearance

➣ Addictions, such as overeating, gambling, shopping, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, pornography, sex


Developing Emotional Awareness is a transformative course that can reshape your life at any age. It is a course to experience many times over. Each module provides the necessary tools to replace your need to avoid painful emotions—with the willingness to explore every aspect of yourself.


Gary Zukav is a spiritual teacher and author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers, including the legendary The Seat of the Soul. His insights, warmth, and contagious enthusiasm have endeared Gary to millions of viewers through his 35 appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Six million copies of his books have been published in 32 languages. In The Heart of the Soul, Gary Zukav and Linda Francis show us the importance of emotional awareness in creating authentic power.

Linda Francis began creating authentic power when she first read The Seat of the Soul in 1989. In 1993 she met Gary Zukav, and they co-created a spiritual partnership. She brings authentic power and spiritual partnership to life in relevant and connected ways. Her vision of small groups of spiritual partners around the world is becoming a reality. Linda’s soul returned home to non-physical reality in 2022. She continues to inspire us and cocreate with us.


≫ Don't feel fulfilled or moments of happiness are fleeting

Keep re-acting to situations that trigger you

≫ Feel like things are always happening TO you

Get angry or frustrated with others or yourself

≫ Indulge your painful emotions, obsessive thoughts, compulsive activities, and addictive behaviors

 Feel superior or inferior to others

≫ “Beat yourself up” for not being enough or not doing it right

≫ Lack confidence and say YES when you want to say NO, or vice versa — being a people pleaser

≫ Need to be the life of the party or to be invisible

≫ Avoid conflict or painful emotions

This course is not about studying a book. It is a course about changing your life. You cannot become emotionally aware just by reading or thinking about it.

Developing Emotional Awareness Requires Practice.

That's why the
Emotional Awareness: Messages From Your Soul course will bring you results – it requires you to take the time to practice.

If you want to become a loving, aware, grounded presence in the world, living a joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful life…