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Transform your consciousness and transform your life.

A Self-Paced 7-Module Course

Recognizing Your New Consciousness
Exploring New Perceptions

Intuition is replacing Intellect as our primary decision making guide


  • Do you have a deeper desire for joy, clarity, and connection to the Universe?
  • Have you noticed moments of intuition before and now want to experience them on a regular basis?
  • Are you seeking to live your life more fully with more meaning?

Beyond the Five Senses can support you on your journey.

A new consciousness is emerging in you, and the Beyond the Five Senses course can help you recognize it, explore it and experiment with it.

This new consciousness is not limited to the five senses.


It is Beyond the Five Senses.


Intuition is the voice of the non-physical world. 

Are you aware of it? 

Intuition is replacing the intellect as the primary decision-making process of the human species.

It is the source of wisdom and compassion beyond what we can give to one another. 

Multisensory individuals use intuition to receive guidance and clarity about their experiences.

Intuition comes with the new consciousness. 

It is priceless.



Multisensory perception is perception beyond the limitations of the five senses.

Multisensory perception is real. 

It is not imagination.

Multisensory perception is emerging in hundreds of millions of individuals.

You are one of them.


  • How Multisensory Are You?
  • From Five Sensory to Multisensory Perception
  • Earth School
  • Review, Reflect, Deepen
  • Intuition
  • Non-Physical Teachers
  • Weaving It All Together




The Beyond the Five Senses course is self-paced and supports you through different ways of learning. With readings, videos, audios, quizzes, exercises, and experiments you will learn to recognize the new consciousness in you and how to use it. 

The Beyond the Five Senses course is accessible easily through your computer or mobile device, or both. 

The Beyond the Five Senses Course is an introduction to the new consciousness, consulting intuition, guidance from non-physical Teachers, and exploring your new multisensory experiences. 



Ann E.

I am thankful for you giving me the trajectory my life has taken through The Seat of The Soul.

Tesha C.

Your books have brought me so much clarity, awareness and direction.

I cannot extend enough thanks for the insight I have received and the tools you have both given me.

Fara Novin

I consider you one of my most influential teachers and a genuine human being. The first time I read one of your books, I had tears rolling down my face as my soul was touched in a familiar way. Because of you I am not afraid of death. Your words resonate with me like no one else's. You have brought out all the things my soul already knew but could not conceptualize. 


Gary Zukav for years has conveyed the most complex insights in language all can understand.  Over and over, he challenges us to see the depth of our potential in the world and act on that awareness.  His gentle presence, humor, and wisdom have inspired millions to realize their greatest potential.


Linda Francis began creating authentic power when she first read The Seat of the Soul in 1989.  In 1993 she met Gary Zukav, and they cocreated a spiritual partnership. She brings authentic power and spiritual partnership to life in relevant and connected ways. Her vision of small groups of spiritual partners around the world is becoming a reality. 

Linda’s soul returned home to non-physical reality in 2022. 

She continues to inspire us and cocreate with us.


Discover the power of multisensory perception.

Recognize the new consciousness in your life.

Use the new consciousness in your life.


We invite you to the Beyond the Five Senses course to explore the new consciousness -  multisensory perception - that is reshaping human experience. 

The new consciousness is emerging in you.


Lis T.

Your message saved my life.

Annie C.

Gary your work has come into my life as I am going through a difficult separation that most likely will lead to divorce. I am finding that often my intention in my marriage was fear instead of love. Thank you for making the world better one book at a time.

Landon S.

I've been sober and recovering for 666 days now. Much of the momentum I manifested was due to integrating inner language I learned from your powerful words regarding authentic power and self-compassion and LOVE. Thank you. I am sending big love to you and yours Gary. Namaste